The Alchemist


Originally published:1988

Author: Paulo Coelho

Original language: Portuguese

Translation: 67 languages

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy

Destiny, Adventure, Love, Dreams all are written in by the same hands that created this world. This magnificent story “The Alchemist” takes us on a rollercoaster ride of life set in the background of a mystical medieval world.

This story revolves around Santiago, a boy with a passion for travelling. To fulfil his passion, he chooses to become a shepherd, but destiny has something else planned for him. He is leading a peaceful life with his flock of sheep travelling through the green farms of Andalusia when his path changes and he meets the King of Salem who enlightens him. And thus, he begins his journey of finding the hidden treasure, his destiny for which he travels to North Africa. During his journey he goes through lot of ups and downs. He first meets a man who turns out to be a thief, then a crystal merchant who has a dream of travelling to Mecca, an Englishman in search of an old Alchemist, Fatima his one true love and finally an Alchemist who takes him through his final course of the journey. During this, beautiful secrets of “Omen”, “Soul of world” and “Universal Language” are revealed. He discovers that “when one wants something, the whole universe conspires together to help him get it”.

This book guides us on how we should never give up because we may be just a step behind in achieving our destiny. It teaches us that love never holds anyone back, it’s the fear of failure or losing all we have that makes us vulnerable.

A beautiful story like this can just reflect us to know more about embracing our hearts and finding our own path.

“Listen to your heart. It knows all things because it came from the soul of the world and it will one day return there.”


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