The monk who sold his Ferrari

monk who sold his ferrari

Originally published:1997

Author: Robin Sharma

Original language: English

Translation: 70 languages

Genre: Fiction, Self help

“The monk who sold his Ferrari”, like the unique title, is the a unique story narrated in it. The story’s center of gravity revolves around Mega living, Health, Happiness, Focus and Peace. In this story there is a conversation taking place between two characters  where one is telling the tale of his life.

Julian mantle, a great distinguished lawyer in his mid-fifties is the center character of this story. Other character is  John who  assist him. One day just during a trial Julian falls on ground. He is squirming, shivering. He started a career full of opportunities with a healthy lifestyle. But soon his career takes over his lifestyle. His enthusiastic nature is replaced by a deathly soberness. So after the courtroom collapse scene he decides to leave everything!

He sells off his house, property and his most precious possession the Ferrari. He then travels to Kashmir to seek soul enlightenment. There he meets Yogi Krishnan, in who he finds his mentor. Yogi Krishnan guides him and tells him about the magical monks who lived in Himalayas. He tells him how they lead their life peacefully in a place known as Sivana .They could help Julian to profoundly improve the quality of life. But Yogi also mentions that it was hard to find them. So Julian sets off in search of Great sages of Sivana. After days of travelling he comes across a mystical hooded man. He follows him through the fields, mountains, lakes. At the end he reaches to magical world of Nirvana, group of sage. He is mesmerized by the mere view of that place. There are rich coloured orchards, a village solely made up of roses, a tiny temple in centre. A man in red robe appears in front of him, Yogi Raman.

This Yogi teaches him to lead a satisfactory, peaceful and happy life. He teaches him the seven important actions that if practised would miraculously change one’s life. Those seven teachings are:

  • Master your mind
  • Follow your purpose
  • Practice kaizen
  • Live with Discipline
  • Respect your time
  • Selflessly Serve Others
  • Embrace the present

At end ,John promises to follow all the teachings taught by Julian to him and to lead a peaceful life ahead.

This story is inspirational, heart moving at some points. It is just eye catching with it’s theme.You at the end of book want to just follow your life on those teachings. Yes it also book for all group and age people.

“Everything is created twice, first in mind and then in reality.”


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