The Importance of Being Earnest



First Performance:1895

Playwrights: Oscar Wilde, Vyvyan Holland

Backdrop: London

Genre: Farce

A world knit with satire, farce and comedy ,this is the play that throws light on hypocrisies of the two worlds, one in which Wilde lived and other in which the effects of prior world were imminent.

This play is based on a story of two young men John ‘Jack’ Worthing and Algernon ‘Algy’ Moncrieff, . Jack, an upright young man living in the country, in order to escape the drudging of his highly conservative lifestyle he creates his alter-ego, Ernest who leads a fun life in London. Algemon, best friend of Jack lives in London. He too takes up identity of Earnest to win the love of Cecily, ward of Jack. But there comes up twists no one could have imagined. Jack with the name Earnest proposes Gwendolen Fairfax, Algy’s cousin. But when he is quizzed by Gwen’s mother it comes to light that he is an adopted child who was abandoned in a bag , so eventually he is declined.Now the story takes a huge turn in such a amusing way that both the girls Gwen and Cecil meet at a same place and come to know they love the same person named Ernest( who doesn’t even exists).But this is not all, after a whole lot of drama there comes a climax when Lady Brackell, Gwendolen Fairfax’s mother reaches the country.

The story seems to end when both couples are happily united but then there is a burst of revelation. Miss Prism, governess of Miss Cecily who was also babysitter of Lady Bracknell’s child reveals that she had put a kid in a bag absent minded and lost it ( Who happens to be Jack).So it turns out that Jack is Algy’s elder brother and Gwen happens to be Jack’s sister. And by the christening terms Jack finally gets the name Earnest.

This book is about puzzles in relationship when a non existing character starts to exist. A play that takes you through all these dramatic, comedy scenes to make you laugh, wonder and be left spell bounded.

“The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last”- Oscar Wilde

Guest Reviewer- Kruti Karvade






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