Reminiscence of War

Recently read the newspaper? Then you have surely read about the Syrian Gas attack. What did you do? Read the article in 5 minutes, deeply thought for 2 minutes and then again started off with mundane work. 7 minutes that’s it! Just because a world so away from you was disrupted ,you are not concerned. … More Reminiscence of War

Own your Life

Everyday passes by , some people do new stuff some do mundane. But everyone is worried what other people think about them. Yah , I know you know that. But for sure many of us never ever get a solution for this uncommonly common problem. Is there is permanent solution for this over thinking? Yes, … More Own your Life


Originally published: 2013 Author: Sheryl  Sandberg Original language: English Genre: Non-fiction, Inspirational Every wish is not same, but everyone has one. Dreams, ambitions, goals, emotions, success are never gender biased, then why are we? Why the limitations arise when it comes to our world.  People may now be now free minded,  are talking openly about … More LEAN IN