Reminiscence of War

Recently read the newspaper? Then you have surely read about the Syrian Gas attack. What did you do? Read the article in 5 minutes, deeply thought for 2 minutes and then again started off with mundane work.

7 minutes that’s it! Just because a world so away from you was disrupted ,you are not concerned. You would mock me, have grudge on me. But if it was you stuck up in that place with bloodied bodies lying around mutated. Would just 7 minutes suffice? No right! Now you would have a question ,how can we change this, we don’t have any powers as such? But every movement has to take initially baby steps. War, Attacks, Killings all are due to intolerance. We as a single individual should be more humane, kind, caring so that this emotion spreads and forms a community, a state, a country, a continent and finally one world.

Change starts from you. Be that change.



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