T for Tetris…

T for TetrisT for Traffic

Tetris…. Yes that game where we needed to fit in blocks into one another so that a row of block was to be eliminated. Fun Game! I think we all have probably taken this game too seriously.

Parents stop kids from playing GTA ( No offence GTA Gamers, I love that game too 🙂 )so that their kids don’t do rash driving or don’t steal other’s cars and all such weird assumptions. Now I really suggest to Parents that, stop kids from playing tetris. You maybe me laughing right now but in next two minutes you will probably understand my logic.

Indian Traffic rules are pretty strict but all my Indian readers here will know that whatever and however strict the rules maybe we need to get past that red light with ZOOM’s speed. So we hold our accelerator,  rush and overtake one ,two ,three vehicles and whoosh we have crossed the traffic . WOW, what an accomplishment ,I must say. When that red light depresses the drivers they never give up but they squeeze in the smallest area available nearer to the start of traffic( maybe even an electron cannot fit in that area, but our Rickshawalas will surely fit their Rickshaws). Everyday Everyone is in a hurry to fit in their vehicles or I must say blocks to eliminate the first row from Traffic. They BROOOOMMMMM… to the 1st row to just stand again but yes they have to fit their blocks. I think people standing in traffic play tetris too often.

Now you see Tetris has been adapted into dangerous game:)


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