A talent world needs

let it go


Sometimes it’s okay to let go off something. Not because you don’t deserve it, but only because its better off that way. Giving up for others is a hard task which many people struggle to follow. Some perform this task with the driving force as love and some do it to get peace. But the world now that I see through my window is just all about greed and they just don’t want to let anything to be to others benefit. Just talking of making this world a better place to live is just a like reading the preamble of a book and burning it down. The next step is let other benefit from you ( never at the cost of you though), which many fail to take. Giving up something for others may seem like a selfish good deed, but at least you have the courage to take that step. It shows how understanding, benign your heart is. It shows that you have the courage to change the world, make it a better place.





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