The way you feel when you are crammed in room full of people, no space to breathe, no space to move, not even a inch of space to think. That is what you feel when you are stuck. This is what our brain feels now and then. It is just a sense that whatever we... Continue Reading →

  Sometimes it's okay to let go off something. Not because you don't deserve it, but only because its better off that way. Giving up for others is a hard task which many people struggle to follow. Some perform this task with the driving force as love and some do it to get peace. But... Continue Reading →

Tetris.... Yes that game where we needed to fit in blocks into one another so that a row of block was to be eliminated. Fun Game! I think we all have probably taken this game too seriously. Parents stop kids from playing GTA ( No offence GTA Gamers, I love that game too ūüôā )so... Continue Reading →

Recently read the newspaper? Then you have surely read about the Syrian Gas attack. What did you do? Read the article in 5 minutes, deeply thought for 2 minutes and then again started off with mundane work. 7 minutes that's it! Just because a world so away from you was disrupted ,you are not concerned.... Continue Reading →

Everyday passes by , some people do new stuff some do mundane. But everyone is worried what other people think about them. Yah , I know you know that. But for sure many of us never ever get a solution for this uncommonly common problem. Is there is permanent solution for this over thinking? Yes,... Continue Reading →

Originally published: 2013 Author: Sheryl¬† Sandberg Original language: English Genre: Non-fiction, Inspirational Every wish is not same, but everyone has one. Dreams, ambitions, goals, emotions, success are never gender biased, then why are we? Why the limitations arise when it comes to our world.¬† People may now be now free minded,¬† are talking openly about... Continue Reading →

Originally published: 2010 Author: by¬†Michael Bar-Zohar,¬†Nissim Mishal Original language: English Genre: Non- Fiction Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service by¬†Michael Bar-Zohar,¬†Nissim Mishal is a mind capturing book which gives a brief history of the best intelligence service of the world "Mossad" , Israel's¬† secret intelligence service is considered to have carried out... Continue Reading →

  First Performance:1895 Playwrights:¬†Oscar Wilde, Vyvyan Holland Backdrop: London Genre:¬†Farce A world knit with satire, farce and comedy ,this is the play that throws light on hypocrisies of the two worlds, one in which Wilde lived and other in which the effects of prior world were¬†imminent. This play is based on a story of two... Continue Reading →

Author: John Boyne Genre: Historical / Post modern, Fable Publication: 5th January 2006 The boy in stripped pyjamas by the Irish writer John Boyne is a Holocaust novel of which 5 million copies have been sold all over the world. It was the best selling book in the year 2007 and 2008 in Spain and... Continue Reading →

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